Bishop U15s v Stockton

Sunday brought the second fixture of the season and an away tie to Stockton. With a short turn out of only 13 players, Bishop borrowed a couple of guys from Stockton to make up our second row. As the game started it was clear that our lads weren't settled and ready due to the disjointed set up. After a shuffle around of players in positions, the lads started to play some better rugby but the strength in depth of Stockton was hard to hold back throughout the first half. 
The second half brought a change in loan players and a change in mood from our team. We soon scored a try and this picked up the team further. 
With a final score in the region of 60-22 we came away having seen what is needed from us all in future training and matches; better securing of the ball, more commitment in the tackle and more thought taken when making decisions at free kicks and set plays. 
Well done to our new player Dean-Ross Tinkler who worked hard to get into the game and make a difference with his pace. 
Usual great running and scoring from Ethan Crawford, and a great effort from Will Harwood to spur on the team and influence them as much as possible. A "man of the match" performance. 
Next week..Sunderland away!!